PRISM's Risk Control staff has compiled the following resources regarding workplace violence prevention, education and best practices. The best way to ensure your entity is prepared is to have a well-developed plan and educate your employees.


While the risk is real, there are methods public agency employers can adopt to both prevent and protect employees from workplace violence, as well as protect the members of the public they interact with. This guide developed by PRISM describes these methods further, including establishing leadership commitment, how to perform an assessment of a current violence prevention program, ways to strengthen program elements, communicating the program to all affected employees, and including continuous improvement of the program to help ensure worker protection.

Partner Programs

  • Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) – AVERT goes beyond active shooter training and uses dynamic methods to teach employees proactive awareness, how to react and protect themselves and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.
  • Crisis Incident Management and Communications – PRISM has partnered with Mainstream Unlimited to provide both pre and post crisis incident services and communications including training programs, emergency plan review & development, and vulnerability assessments.



Several on-demand webcasts can be found by logging in to PRISMtv.

  • Learning from US Secret Service and FBI Research Reports
  • PRISM Perspectives: Threat Assessment Teams and Workplace Violence Awareness
  • Workplace Violence Prevention: Requirements, Policies and Gun Violence Restraining Orders (AB61)
  • Tools for Tense Situations
  • Workplace Violence Awareness, Prevention and Response (Part 1: Crisis Incident Management Series)
  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Awareness (Part 6: Supervisor University)
  • The Power of Threat Assessment Teams
  • The New Face of Bullying: Preventing Physical and Emotional Violence in the Workplace

Vector Solutions

There are several courses on workplace violence found on the Vector Solutions platform. This web-based training platform is available to all PRISM members (entity registration required).

  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Violence (EDU)
  • Anger, Violence and Conflict in the Workplace
  • Smart Workplaces: Protecting Your Team against Violence at Work
  • School Violence and Weapons

External Videos

There are two well-known videos regarding active shooter situations. While we feel these are a helpful training resource, both contain graphic content of a violent nature. Run.Hide.Fight – Surviving an Active Shooter was put together by the City of Houston in 2012. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department has created Surviving an Active Shooter to help people answer the question “what would you do?”

Please direct additional questions to the PRISM Risk Control staff.