Strategic Planning Retreat

April 29th, 2010

The Executive Committee and Committee Chairs met for a day and a half, April 15-16, to continue strategic planning for the EIA.  The relationship between County and Public Entity members was discussed in detail and all were in agreement that the relationship is very healthy.  Some ideas were generated to improve the relationship and there was a split over whether or not we should make changes to the Public Entity access fee that is returned to the County membership.  In addition, ideas were generated with respect to how the EIA can better serve it’s membership in these tough economic times.  The Executive Committee will take these matters up beginning with their May 6th meeting.  Thoughts were developed on how we can better connect with our members and these thoughts will be forwarded to the Member Retention Committee.  A full report will be presented at the June 4th Board meeting.

2010 Retreat at Little River Inn       2010 Retreat - Little River Inn Some Participants