EIA Program Renewals and Updates

July 1st, 2011

Below is a summary of renewals for the Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and EIAHealth Programs.

Workers’ Compensation

The structure of the Primary WC Program will remain the same.  The Pool covers the first $10k of each loss and CastlePoint covers the next $115k.

The Excess WC Program will continue to provide statutory coverage, with CastlePoint, Wesco/Am Trust, ACE American, and Chartis participating in the purchased coverage. Wesco is a new partner this year, reinsuring the $4M xs $1M layer that was previously pooled.  The EIA will retain the first $3.5M of losses that fall into the $4M xs $1M layer.

General Liability

The Primary GL Program will continue with the same structure.  ACE American provides coverage for $90k xs of the member’s $10k deductible.

The layers and carriers on the GLI Program will be different.  The Pool will continue to provide coverage up to $5M (subject to the member’s SIR), Ironshore Indemnity will provide the next $10M, and a new partner, Starr Indemnity will provide $10M xs $15M.

The GLII Program also has some changes in carriers and layers.  AmTrust will provide the difference between the member’s SIR and $10M, then Ironshore will provide $15M xs $10M.  There will be no retained risk.

The EIA’s Optional Excess Liability Program will be provided through Alliant’s CLIP Program, with coverage provided by Lexington.  Members can choose to bind either $10M or $25M of the GLI or GLII Programs.


The EIAHealth Committee approved the renewal terms for the EIAHealth Program which will go into effect in 2012.

The PPO will have an overall increase of 6%, the HMO an overall increase of 10%.

Individual member renewals will vary based upon their experience within the Pool.