October 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

October 19th, 2011

The EIA Board of Directors gathered at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley on October 6-7, 2011.  The October meeting is our annual meeting highlighted by Executive Committee elections, “state of the Program” reports, and our broker’s annual stewardship report.  Congratulations to our incoming President, Scott Schimke (GSRMA/Glenn County), Vice President, Barbara Lubben (Alameda County), and new to the Executive Committee in January 2012, Supervisor Mark Marshall (Colusa County).  See the full results of the elections.

Action items approved by the Board included:

1. Amendments to our GLI and EWC Claim Handling Guidelines (Addendums A & B).  See blog for details and review and comment.

2. Distribution of $408k risk management dividend.

3. Modifications to the GLI and EWC Target Funding Guidelines.

4. Modifications of the GLI and EWC premium allocation formulas relating to the transition between the old and new formulas.

5. Amendment of the Conflict of Interest Code expanding designated positions to include committee members in addition to board members.

6. Approval of the Board of Directors Standard Operating Procedures.

The theme for this year’s brokers’ annual report was “relationships”.  The point was made that the EIA has an excellent reputation in the insurance market and more favorable terms are achieved with underwriters because of their familiarity and their comfort level with us.  Some of these relationships involve multiple EIA programs as well as underwriters who have changed employers and continued their relationships with us at their new facility.  Under direction from the Alliant Chairman/CEO, Tom Corbett, to keep the report short and entertaining, Ralph Hurst stole the show by giving his report on his knees (that was the short part) while juggling (at least in his mind) hard boiled eggs (definitely the entertaining part).  Relive the experience now:  IMG_0047!

Finally the Board thanked outgoing President Jim Sessions (Riverside County) for an outstanding year as president and recognized Steve Underwood for 25 years of continuous service as EIA’s General Legal Counsel.