Proposed Changes to GLII Documents: Updated

March 9th, 2012

The General Liability II Committee has approved the circulation of proposed modifications to the following documents:

GLII Memorandum of Coverage (MOC)

Addendum B – Claims Handling Guidelines & Reporting/Settlement/Reimbursement Procedures

Redline/strikeout versions of each document are included.

Regarding the GLII MOC: During the recent GLII Committee Meeting, the GLII Committee requested that staff work with coverage counsel to try to develop language for the MOCs that would clarify that a  “faulty reliance on an exemption from statute” would not, by itself, work to trigger coverage under the MOCs. The GLII Committee requested that we develop that language to be sent out with the other proposed modifications for review and comment.  We have worked with coverage counsel to try to develop further language.  Counsel has opined that the 2010 MOC modifications probably address this concern as best as possible.  Counsel was concerned that additional language may lead to an unintentional limitation in the scope of coverage in other areas of the MOC.  As such, staff will be advising the GLII Committee that additional changes to the MOC in this area are probably unnecessary.

Members of the GLII Program are encouraged to review and comment on these proposed changes. Please post comments on the EIA blog. Members may also contact Brad Reager at

The comment period ends June 8, 2012.

Updated March 28, 2012.