Alliant Participates in Goodwill Workforce Solutions Programs

July 19th, 2012

For the past year, Alliant, exclusive insurance broker for the EIA, has been participating in Goodwill’s Workforce Solutions Program. This program is designed to give meaningful employment to people of varying needs.

In June 2011, the Newport Beach Alliant office hired three people and a job coach through Goodwill. All four of these people work in the office doing work that Alliant employees previously had done when they could find the time. Though they are technically employed by Goodwill, the positive attitude of the Goodwill employees has caught on.

After the success at the Newport Beach office, the Alliant San Francisco office took advantage of the Workforce Solutions Program when a Goodwill participant came on board. After a short time, the Program Participant was making a significant contribution to that location and developing valuable job skills.

Alliant made one thing very clear: it’s possible to experience a cultural shift when you introduce people to a workplace that are joyful in their work and who look forward to coming to work every day. That enthusiasm is contagious and Alliant’s relationship with Goodwill has brought them so much more than ever expected.