EAGLE Awards

PRISM's EAGLE (Exemplary Achievement in Government Leadership and Enrichment) Awards Program recognizes members for excellence in risk management. By recognizing professional contributions and achievements, PRISM promotes an atmosphere to encourage members to strive for excellence and innovation.

PRISM's EAGLE Award Program has three primary purposes:

  1. To recognize noteworthy innovation and achievement in the field of risk management.
  2. To acknowledge and encourage excellence in risk management in a formal, professional, and public way.
  3. To better inform and enlighten the other PRISM members on best practices and innovative risk management programs.

Award Purpose

The PRISM EAGLE Award Program was created to recognize PRISM members or affiliated agencies for the development, management, and/or implementation of an innovative idea, approach, or program that enhances the goals and purposes of risk management within the public sector.

Types of Recognition

  • Innovation & Excellence in Development & Implementation of Risk Control Programs
  • Innovation & Excellence in Development & Implementation of Risk Management Programs
  • Excellence in Overcoming Adversity
  • Innovation in Implementation of a Best Practice
  • Innovation in Pool Management
  • Innovation in Development of a Board Member Program
  • Excellence in Law Enforcement Risk Management Practices
  • Excellence in Education Agencies Risk Management Practices
  • Excellence in Development & Implementation of COVID-19 Programs & Resources
  • Other

Other categories may be developed in the future and could include recognition for individuals. Recognition can be granted for effort or results.

Application Process

Applications for awards will be accepted from November 1 through June 30. The Member Services Committee will convene thereafter to review the applications and make selections. Additional meetings may be necessary to finalize the determination for recognition.

EAGLE Award Application and Information

Selection Committee

PRISM's Member Services Committee serves as the selection committee. 

Candidates for Recognition

Candidates will submit an application for recognition. All applications will be evaluated by the Member Services Committee. The Member Services Committee members are not eligible to recommend or suggest any individual or agency for recognition while they are serving on the Committee.

Frequency and Presentation of Recognition

PRISM will attempt to recognize at least one member per year in each category, however, it is not required that recognition be given in every category every year. At the Committee’s discretion, they may determine that multiple members should be recognized in a particular category. It is anticipated that awards be announced and presented at PRISM's October Board meeting. A presentation to the member’s governing board will be scheduled as soon as practical thereafter.


Contact PRISM's Member Services Department.