Want to learn how decisions are made at PRISM? Start at the committee level.

Why Get Involved?

Member involvement is critical to PRISM’s success. We are a member-driven organization. As a member, you can be a part of the decision-making process and have your voice heard. PRISM’s 17 active committees afford you and the rest of the membership the opportunity to participate in the development, governance, oversight, and future direction of all programs and services. Currently, more than 170 members serve on our committees and generously provide their time, expertise, and leadership for this organization.

Committee Types

Committee members are responsible for making decisions that will benefit all of our members.

As a PRISM member, you can serve on two different types of committees:

  • Program committees: Responsible for managing and administering their programs; including approving new members, renewals, and premiums.
  • Advisory committees: Advise the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on issues such as finance, technology, risk control, or claims.

How to Get Started

Committees go through an election process once a year in the Fall to nominate potential candidates. Appointments are then made by the Executive Committee in December. If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, look for and submit the nomination form this fall. Contact a staff member to learn more about joining a committee.