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Alliant Contacts by Alpha Listing

Name Title Phone Number
Alicia Cortez Assistant Account Manager 949-260-5099
Ann Krueger Assistant Account Manager 949-260-5059
Amber Windrath Assistant Account Representative 949-527-9877
Ashley Baltierra Account Representative 949-660-5961
Asia Prudholme Program Associate 949-660-5948
Armando Vieyra Program Specialist Lead 949-660-5930
Bob Frey First Vice President, Claims Manager 415-403-1445
Brenna Smith Specialty Client Manager 949-660-8169
Chantelle Lobaugh Division Financial Analyst 949-527-9801
Christine Kerns First Vice President 415-403-1462
Christine Tobin First Vice President 949-660-8143
Cory E. Doucette First Vice President 619-849-3771
Craig Graham Marketing Manager 213-443-2462
Daniel Rettura Assistant Account Manager 949-660-5979
David Diaz Assistant Account Manager 949-809-1492
Diana Walizada Assistant Vice President, Claims Unit Manager 415-403-1453
Dominique Deed Technical Support, Floater 949-527-9857
Elaine Tizon Assistant Vice President, Claims Advocate Lead 415-403-1458
Emily Terwilliger Program Coordinator 949-527-9897
Erin M. Thomas GBDS First Vice President 415-403-1440
Francis Trejo Account Representative 949-527-9870
Ginny Bradshaw Program Administrator 702-856-4510
Gordon DesCombes Executive Vice President 949-660-8115
Jay Zuhlke Assistant Vice President, OCIP Project Manager 909-230-2737
Jim Castle Senior Executive Vice President 619-849-3807
Jim Holobaugh Senior Vice President, Program Director 213-443-2459
John Drew Program Manager 916-643-2731
John Peterson Account Executive 949-260-5016
Katrina Seese Asst. Vice President, Producer 720-617-4658
Ken Caldwell Executive Vice President, Program Executive 213-443-2444
Kevin Bibler Senior Vice President 916-643-2719
Kristen DesCombes Associate Producer 213-406-8757
Laurinda Newell Program Manager 949-660-5990
Lilian Vanvieldt Senior Vice President Producer 949-660-8116
Lorena Nava Program Implementation Manager 949-660-5968
Mariana Salyer Program Specialist Lead 949-660-5982
Martin Cunningham Assistant Vice President, Program Manager 213-443-2468
Michael Davidson Vice President 619-849-3858
Michael Menerey Vice President 213-270-0972
Michael Menzia Executive Vice President 949-660-8111
Michelle Bradley Account Representative 949-660-8139
Mike McIntosh Account Manager 949-660-8124
Nazie Arshi Senior Vice President 949-660-8110
Nelson Andrada IT Technician and Software Specialist 949-660-8174
Patty Kopec Vice President, Assistant Operations Manager 949-660-8120
Paul Hollands Program Specialist Lead 949-660-8121
Paul Moore Vice President 949-660-5962
Penny DeWitt-Holdren Account Manager 949-660-8142
Ralph Hurst President, National Brokerage Group 949-660-8113
Rennetta Poncy Managing Broker 949-660-8107
Rhiannon Cabral Program Specialist Lead 949-660-8160
Sara Carlisle Program Specialist Lead 949-260-5032
Seth Cole Sr. VP, Producer 415-403-1400
Scott McClave Underwriting Consultant 949-660-8159
Shawn Kraatz First Vice President 949-660-8117
Sheryl Fitzgerald Account Manager - Lead 949-660-8161
Susan Leung Senior Vice President, Producer 415-403-1435
Tara Washington Program Representative 949-527-9817
Tom E. Corbett Senior Vice President 949-660-8132
Tom W. Corbett CEO, Chairman of the Board 949-660-8112
Thomas Bryson Senior Vice President 805-777-4763
Thomas S. Sher Senior Vice President 415-403-1460
Traci Dorris OCIP Project Manager 619-849-3917