A wide array of coverage available to meet your needs.

Since 1979, our members have strived to attain the best coverage at the lowest possible cost. These longstanding coverage programs are crafted to be flexible, yet structurally sound and afford you adaptability to changing insurance market conditions. Since inception, 9 major coverage programs have been established. Each blend some level of pooled risk and purchased insurance. Coverage, structures, and services are continually evaluated to identify enhancement opportunities.

Reducing Your Costs

By leveraging volume, our members secure more cost-effective coverage than can be achieved on a stand-alone basis. Non-members have benefited also because of our competitive role in the public sector insurance marketplace.



5 Year Estimated Savings for PRISM Members


A variety of group purchase insurance, ancillary coverages, and services offer you protection from other exposures. Often, we can provide you options to reduce deductibles and purchase additional insurance limits.

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