Underwriting Committee

Description of Committee

  • Eleven member committee, including
  • Nine voting and two alternate committee members, with
  • One designated public entity representative voting seat, and
  • One designated GL1 Program Deductible Buy-Down seat (voting or alternate)
  • Typically meets 8 to 10 times a year at the  PRISM office or by web conference
  • Committee members are participants in the EWC and/or GL1 Programs
  • Advisory committee under the direction of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors


  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and reviews matters pertaining to the EWC and GL1 Programs, including:
    • New member applications
    • Allocation of premium
    • Overall program funding
    • Reinsurance renewals

Standard Operating Procedures

2024 Year-At-A-Glance Schedule: