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Gina Dean, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Pott, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Legal Counsel

Sarah Bishop, Underwriting Manager

Aubrey Cannon, Senior Underwriting Specialist

Shane McAdams, Senior Underwriting Specialist

Erica Priest, Senior Underwriting Specialist

Virginia Blanco, Underwriting Specialist

Juemin Zhang, Chief Actuary

Max Larkin, Data, Analytics, and Actuarial Manager

Justin Whitney, Actuarial Analyst

Yi Li, Senior Data Scientist


Max LarkinD&A & Actuarial Manager

Fred TreffingerD&A Database Development Supervisor

Tiana RandazzoD&A Reporting & Analytics Supervisor

Usha ChallaSenior Database Developer

Danielle HeimSenior Database Developer

Madhura PhansalkarSenior Business Analytics Developer

Margaret CrosslandSenior Business Analytics Developer

Marlene Reed, Business Analytics Developer


Jill Abel, Human Resources Manager

Lori Scheel, Office Manager

Kierstin Acosta, Supervising Sr. Meeting & Event Planner

Kelli Snelling, Executive Secretary

Christina Nygard, Human Resources Specialist

Karen Somers, Meeting Coordinator

Heather Powers, Administrative Assistant

Jackie Stine, Records Administrator

Colleen JohnsonReceptionist

Sidney DiDomenico, Director of Employee Benefits

Heather Evans, Senior Employee Benefits Specialist

Kathleen Sykes, Employee Benefits Specialist

Puneet Behl, Chief Financial Officer

Alana Theiss, Director of Financial Operations

Trina Johnson, Supervising Senior Accountant

Marissa Case, Accountant

Tony Udoh, Accountant

Evaluz Barrameda, Accounting Technician


Tom PelsterChief Information Officer

Nicole Montalvo, Information Technology Manager

Kenny Popst, Information Technology Manager

Rajesh Kumar, Database Architect

Tom Jaspering, Software Architect

Ashish SharmaSoftware Developer

Lisa Ganas, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Jeff Louie, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Carrie Little, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Joan Munson, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Laurel Raleigh, Senior Information Technology Specialist

John Russell, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Jason Watson, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Tige Prickett, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Tracey Bakewell, Information Technology Specialist

Lisa Bowen, Information Technology Specialist

Omar RahimInformation Technology Specialist

Information Technology Assistant - Vacant

Rick Brush, Chief Member Services Officer

Tani CoronaMember Services Supervisor 

Anthony D'Lallo, Communications Specialist

Doug McGill, Member Services Assistant

Skylar Golding, Member Services Technician

Charles Williams, Director of Risk Control

Travis Clemmer, Risk Control Manager

Sarah Bruno, Risk Control Supervisor

Juan Cajandig, Senior Risk Control Specialist

John Nichols, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Scarlett Sadler, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Chandler Wright, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Kristin Skorka, Risk Control Specialist


Mike Pott, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Legal Counsel

Heather Fregeau, Chief Claims Officer - Liability & Property

Carrie Maroni, Supervisor Liability Claims

Terry Butrym, Liability Claims Manager

Roger Hernandez, Senior Excess Liability Claims Specialist

Katie Duchesne, Senior Liability Claims Specialist

Lindsey Fagliano, Senior Liability Claims Specialist

Cyndi FlaigSenior Liability Claims Specialist

Paulina GuzmanSenior Liability Claims Specialist

Jerry Springer, Senior Liability Claims Specialist

Alayna WagnerSenior Liability Claims Specialist

Steve Manning, Liability Claims Specialist

Katie O'Brien, Liability Claims Specialist

Bella Wu, Liability Claims Specialist

Olivia Proctor, Liability Admin Assistant

Jen Hamelin, Chief Claims Officer

Karin Valenzuela, WC Claims Manager

Tabatha Bettencourt, WC Supervisor

Tricia Ingles, WC Supervisor

Nick Nutter, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Suzanne Nutter, WC Supervisor

Aunda Arndt, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Brianna Brewster, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Jerome Bryson, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Ariel Leonhard, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Kelley NanceSenior WC Claims Specialist

James O'Brien, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Diane OgdenSenior WC Claims Specialist

Henry Partida, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Leah Perez, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Melissa RyanSenior WC Claims Specialist

Paul Stanley, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Nicole Torres, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Brittany Foreman, WC Claims Assistant

Makela MathesonWC Claims Assistant

Devan Rices, WC Claims Assistant

Vacant, Senior WC Claims Settlement Specialist