Highlighting Updated Resources - Interactive Process Manual, Managing Multiple Leaves, and FAQ's for COVID 19 - Premiers On-Demand January 15 - no registration needed




Premiers On-Demand January 15, 2021 on PRISMtv for 24/7 access - no registration needed

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Presented by:  Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner, Eyres Law Group

This webcast will describe timely updates to three key resources available to PRISM members through the ELG-PRISM employment practices hotline. Each resource has been fully updated to adapt to the pace of significant changes in law, policy, and process:  

  1. Newly updated 7th Edition to the Interactive Process Manual, focusing on necessary process decisions and documentation for COVID-19and non-COVID reasonable accommodations. This edition has new templates and forms and a new section addressing interactive processes specifically for industrial injury claims;  
  2. Newly updated 3rd Edition to the Managing Multiple Leaves of Absence Manual, focusing on policy and process to comply with expansive new leave laws that have immediate impact on public sector workplaces.  
  3. Newly updated FAQs for COVID-19 – a major revised edition of FAQs, covering all aspects of COVID-19, from leaves, to accommodations, to industrial injury claims and impact of public health orders in the late Fall and into the winter months.

Need More Info or Help?
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Phone: 916-850-7300
Email: dmcgill@csac-eia.org

Friday, January 15, 2021
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Webinar Location:
PRISMtv - EPL & Liability

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