Annual Legal and Policy Update: 2021 in Retrospective and 2022 Prospective Trends - Premiers On-Demand December 27, 2021 - No Registration Required


Premiers On-Demand December 27, 2021 on PRISMtv for 24/7 access - no registration needed

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Presented by:  Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner, Eyres Law Group

Don’t miss our popular annual review of what’s new and what we can expect on workplace regulations and litigation in public sector workplaces. This includes process management industrial and non-industrial accommodations, regulations for preventing and investigating discrimination, newest trends with privacy and wellness initiatives, workplace safety and security, recordkeeping and disclosures.   

We will focus on the most relevant requirements in employment and education law, including how to update policies and enhance procedures. Attention to prevention with the most relevant new standards in the context of compliance basics, necessary updates to policies and procedures for personnel management and risk control, and proactive enforcement strategies.  

Topics include:  

  1. Top employment and education developments, building on what we cover in the October legislative recap webcast on new legislation;  
  2. Cases decided by the Supreme Courts (US and California) that will affect your public entity as well as those that are pending at the end of the year.  
  3. Critical developments from the federal agencies: Departments of Education, Labor, Justice, Homeland Security, both COVID and non-COVID.  
  4. Overview and analysis of all the new guidance publications and regulations from federal and state enforcement agencies, including OSHA, EEOC, DFEH and DOL wage and hour division.  
  5.  Complete update on key principles involving workplace safety, including COVID protocols with vaccination mandates, CDPH mandates for vaccine verification and weekly testing, as well as traditional issues with violence prevention, drug and alcohol testing, and more.  
  6. Update on newest trends with privacy initiatives, including medical privacy and recordkeeping, wellness initiatives, and related programs.  
  7. Process, process and more process requirements under federal and state law with documentation techniques to make your job easier.

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  • Monday, December 27, 2021
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