Sacramento County

Member Since: 4/1/1992

Board Member

Paul Hight, Risk and Loss Control Division Manager

Alternate Member

Denise Currie, Workers' Compensation Division Manager

Primary Contact

Paul Hight

Additional Contacts

Kristin Usery, Liability Analyst
Program/Responsibility: Property Committee
Property Committee

Michael Daily, Liability Analyst (Claims and Data Analytics)

Thomas V. Williams Jr., County Safety Officer

Jeanne Rose, Liability & Property Insurance Analyst II

Isaac Smirnov, Liability & Property Insurance Analyst II


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Master Crime 6/30/1997
Property 6/15/1993
Cyber Liability 1/1/2012
Pollution 7/1/2001
Primary Workers' Compensation 2/1/2003
Excess Workers' Compensation 7/1/1994
Aircraft 2/16/2000
Optional Excess Liability 7/1/2015
General Liability 1 10/1/2002
Airport 7/1/2013
General Liability 2 7/1/2015

Committee Participation

Committee Member
General Liability 2 Committee Paul Hight
Property Committee Kristin Usery