San Joaquin County

Member Since: 7/1/1995

Board Member

Tanya Moreno, County Safety and Risk Manager

Alternate Member

Ted Cwiek, Director of Human Resources

Primary Contact

Tanya Moreno

Additional Contacts

Katherine Harris, Deputy Director, Human Resources

Lolita Pearson, Safety Officer
Program/Responsibility: Risk Control


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Employee Assistance Program 7/1/2016
Pollution 7/1/2006
Medical Malpractice 7/1/1995
General Liability 2 7/1/1995
Airport 6/30/2002
Cyber Liability 1/1/2012
Property 7/1/1995
Life & Disability Program 7/1/1999
Master Crime 6/30/1997
Watercraft 9/16/2003
Dental 9/1/2010
Aircraft 11/29/2001
Excess Workers' Compensation 12/31/1998

Committee Participation

Committee Member
General Liability 2 Committee Tanya Moreno
Risk Control Lolita Pearson
Medical Malpractice Committee Tanya Moreno
Claims Review Committee 2 Tanya Moreno