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San Joaquin County

Member Since: 7/1/1995

Board Member

Tanya Moreno, County Safety and Risk Manager

Alternate Member

Jennifer Goodman, Director of Human Resources

Primary Contact

Tanya Moreno


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Medical Malpractice 7/1/1995
Employee Assistance Program 7/1/2016
Watercraft 9/16/2003
Excess Workers' Compensation 12/31/1998
Property 7/1/1995
Aircraft 11/29/2001
Master Crime 6/30/1997
General Liability 2 7/1/1995
Dental 9/1/2010
Life & Disability Program 7/1/1999
Airport 6/30/2002

Committee Participation

Committee Member
Executive Committee Tanya Moreno
General Liability 2 Committee Tanya Moreno
Medical Malpractice Committee Tanya Moreno
Claims Review Committee 2 Tanya Moreno