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Sonoma County

Member Since: 11/1/1979

Board Member

Janell Crane, Risk Manager

Alternate Member

Jamie Bloom, Insurance Manager

Primary Contact

Janell Crane

Additional Contacts

Cheryl Thibault, Benefits Manager
Employee Benefits Only

Gina Javier, Administrative Services Officer II

Christopher Meza, Risk Management Analyst

Andrew Lemen, County Risk/Safety Unit Manager
Program/Responsibility: Member Services Committee

County of Sonoma Liability

Lynne Durrell, Disability Programs Manager
Workers' Compensation

Reesha Ruel, Liability Manager
Program/Responsibility: Technology Committee


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Aircraft 7/1/2023
Watercraft 10/9/2001
Master Crime 6/30/1997
General Liability 1 7/1/1980
Medical Malpractice 6/21/1992
Excess Workers' Compensation 11/1/1979
Pollution 7/1/2001
Property 6/30/1987
Airport 7/1/2023
Optional Excess Liability 7/1/2021

Committee Participation

Committee Member
Executive Committee Janell Crane
Personnel Sub-Committee Janell Crane
Technology Committee Reesha Ruel
Underwriting Committee Jamie Bloom
Member Services Committee Andrew Lemen