Alpine County

Member Since: 7/1/1986

Board Member

Nichole Williamson, CAO/Health and Human Services Director

Alternate Member

Sarah Simis, Deputy CAO to Personnel and Risk Management

Primary Contact

Sarah Simis

Additional Contacts

David Nelson, Executive Director

Michelle Beckwith, Administrative Assistant to CAO/Personnel and Risk Management


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Medical Malpractice 10/1/1994
Watercraft 9/28/2001
Property 6/30/1987
General Liability 1 7/1/1986
Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance 7/1/2018
Excess Workers' Compensation 7/1/1986
Dental 3/1/2012
Pollution 7/1/2001
Master Crime 6/30/1997
Airport 6/30/1999
Vision 2/1/2012
Cyber Liability 1/1/2012
Program Participation Note:

Alpine County also participates in the EIAHealth Program through SDRMA.