PRISM Perspectives Podcast

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Join Us for the Upcoming PRISM Perspective Podcast! 

02- Hard Market Messaging - 2021/22 Renewals: April 22, 9:00 am

Wondering how to explain the Hard Market to your stakeholders? Join guest host Brian Kelley, PRISM’s COO as he discusses the Hard Insurance Market with Rebekah Winger, PRISM’s Underwriting Manager and Kevin Bibler, Alliant Senior Vice President. Learn more about the Market Cycle, how the Hard Market is affecting coverages, and what PRISM and Alliant are doing to assist Members.

After the podcast, stick around for an off the record Q&A session. (This portion will not be recorded.)



Past Episodes 

01- Budgeting in a New Fiscal Reality
The reality is things are new, and budgets are no exception. Featuring PRISM's CFO Puneet Behl, Sutter County's Auditor-Controller Nathan Black, and City of Sunnyvale's Risk Manager Scott Mann.

Upcoming Episodes-Stay Tuned 

02- Hard Market Messaging - 2021/22 Renewals
03- Vaccines in the Workplace
04- Remote Work Ergonomics Best Practices
05- What Does Our New Workplace Look Like?
06- Threat Assessment
07- Claims Rapid Response Teams
08- Data Science and Predictive Analytics
09- Law Enforcement Initiatives
10- JPA Trends locally and Across the Nation