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Join Us for the Upcoming PRISM Perspective Podcast! 

Episode 28 - TBA

Guest host, panelists and topic TBA! Check back soon!

After the 30 minute podcast, join the conversation in an off-the-record Q&A session. This portion will not be recorded.



Past Episodes - on PRISMtv

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01- Budgeting in a New Fiscal Reality
The reality is things are new, and budgets are no exception. Featuring PRISM's CFO Puneet Behl, Sutter County's Auditor-Controller Nathan Black, and City of Sunnyvale's Risk Manager Scott Mann.

02- Hard Market Messaging
Wondering how to explain the Hard Market to your stakeholders? Featuring PRISM's COO Brian Kelley, PRISM’s Underwriting Manager Rebekah Winger, and Alliant Senior Vice President Kevin Bibler.

03- Coming out of the COVID Haze—Returning to the Workplace

Legal concerns of a post-COVID world. Featuring Guest Host Michael Pott, PRISM Chief Legal Counsel, Patti Eyres of Eyres Law Group, and Steve Underwood, Esq., PRISM's former General Counsel.

04- What Does our New Workplace Look Like?

Guest host Gina Dean, PRISM CEO, discusses the changing look of the workplace with Ann Gergen, Executive Director of AGRiP, and Jamie Cannon, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management, City of Chico. How will we operate when the COVID situation ends? What will change and what will stay the same?

05- Creating a Holistic Law Enforcement Wellness Program

Guest host Charles Williams, PRISM Director of Risk Control, and Lieutenant Elise Spina Taylor of the Miami Beach Police Department discuss the ‘STEPPs’ to creating a holistic wellness program for first responders.

06- Threat Assessment Teams & Workplace Violence Awareness

Guest hosts Sarah Bruno, PRISM’s Sr. Risk Control Specialist, and Charles Williams, PRISM’s Director of Risk Control discussed Threat Assessment Teams & Workplace Violence Awareness with Dr. Steve Albrecht.

07- Claims Rapid Response Teams

Guest host Heather Fregeau, PRISM Director of Liability Claims, discussed Claims Rapid Response teams with Andrew W.B. Fischer, Dir. of Property and Liability Claims at Trindel Insurance Fund, David Nelson, Executive Director at Trindel Insurance Fund, and Janell Crane, Sonoma County Risk Manager.

08- Top 3 MUST HAVE CyberSecurity Technologies

Guest host Tom Pelster, PRISM Chief Information Officer, discussed the Top 3 MUST HAVE Cybersecurity Technologies with Eric Westrom, Regional Chief Technology Officer at Synoptek, and experts from KnowBe4 and Rubrik.

09- Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Guest host Max Larkin, PRISM Actuarial Manager, discussed Data Science and Predictive Analytics with a full house of PRISM subject matter experts - John Alltop (Chief Actuary), Yi Li (Senior Data Scientist), Danielle Heim (Senior Business Analytics Developer) and Tiana Randazzo (Senior Business Analytics Developer).

10- Crisis Response Models – Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Collaborations

Guest host Sarah Bruno (PRISM Sr. Risk Control Specialist, ARM) discussed law enforcement and behavioral health co-response teams with Subject Matter Experts Stacy Kuwahara, LMFT (Director of Behavioral Health Services, Kern County) and Captain Brian Bixler (Commanding Officer of Detective Support and Vice Division, Los Angeles Police Department).

11- Strategically Implementing PRISM Services

Join PRISM Chief Member Services Officer Risk Brush, PRISM Sr. Risk Manager Maria Williams, and GSRMA Assistant Risk Manager Jennifer Peters as they discuss how Members can effectively break down the huge PRISM menu of services through the lens of their most relevant loss runs and claims drivers. 

12- Addressing Homelessness: National Alliance to End homelessness (NAEH) Resources

Guest host Charles Williams, PRISM Director of Risk Control, and Kristi Schulenberg, Director, Center for Capacity Building at National Alliance to End Homelessness, discuss effective methods to approach the homelessness crisis.

13- Addressing Homelessness: Programs That Work

Guest host Charles Williams, PRISM Director of Risk Control and Nicholas Golling, City of Sacramento Program Manager, Department of Community Response, discuss the challenges and successes of city homeless programs.

14- Addressing Homelessness: Homeless Encampments - Liability Exposures to Consider

Guest host Charles Williams and Sonoma County Insurance Manager Jamie Bloom discuss Liability Exposures to be aware of as well as measures that may be deployed to help mitigate liability.

15 - Emergency Preparedness for Risk Managers

Guest host Sarah Bruno, PRISM Sr. Risk Control Specialist, and Greg Milligan, Risk Manager for Santa Barbara County discuss what risk managers should consider as they prepare for the next emergency.

16 - Commonly Overlooked Property

Guest host Mike Pott, PRISM Chief Legal Counsel, Thomas Bryson and Allison Spalding from Alliant discuss what property that members might not think to schedule, or don’t even know if they should schedule.

17 - Safety & Risk Management Program Structures - Finding the Right Fit

Guest host Travis Clemmer (PRISM Sr. Supervising Risk Control Specialist, SMS) and guest panelist Andrew Lemen (Sonoma County Safety Manager) discuss the challenges public entities face when structuring Safety and Risk Management programs, and how each entity may find the right fit for their unique circumstances.

18 - Safety & Risk Management Program Structures – Targeted Consulting Services

Guest host Scarlett Sadler (PRISM Senior Risk Control Specialist) and subject matter experts Charles Williams (PRISM Director of Risk Control) and Travis Clemmer (PRISM Risk Control Supervisor, SMS) discuss common pitfalls with third party safety consulting services, and best practice strategies for structuring realistic vendor agreements.

19 - Communication is Not Optional

How does PRISM keep members informed? Guest host Anthony D'Lallo, PRISM Media Technician and subject matter expert Gina Engman, PRISM Communications Specialist talk about effective communication strategies, overcoming common challenges, and how Communication is Not Optional!

20 - Communicating During a Crisis

During a crisis is not the time to start a new program or a new service…  So guest host Rick Brush, PRISM Chief Member Services Officer and subject matter expert Bob May, Principal, Mainstream Unlimited talk about how to be prepared, formulate the message, who carries the message, how PRISM can help you, and more!

21 - Navigating the California Public Healthcare Landscape

See PRISM's Director of Employee Benefits, Sidney DiDomenico, discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in Public Agency Healthcare purchasing with Alliant Employee Benefits Sr. V.P. Michael Menerey.

22 - Wildfire Preparedness

PRISM Senior Risk Control Specialists John Nichols and Chandler Wright discuss risks of wildfire smoke, assessment methods, and exposure reduction with Lyz Bantilan (Public Information Officer, Air Pollution Control Districts), Bryan Schenone (Director for the Office of Emergency Services, Siskiyou County) and Jon Menzies (Safety Officer, County of Santa Barbara).

23 - Evolution of Employee Assistance Programs

Join Sidney DiDomenico (Director of Employee Benefits, PRISM), Rick Brush (Chief Member Services Officer, PRISM) and Laurinda Newell (Employee Benefits First V.P., Alliant) in a conversation about the history of employee assistance program provider competency, as well as communicating this low-cost and diverse benefit with your employees.

24 - Trial Tactics in a Nuclear Verdict World

During this Podcast, PRISM's Chief Operating Officer, Mike Pott, talks with preeminent defense attorney, Susan Oliver (Partner, Tyson & Mendes) about the current liability claims environment including what can be done during litigation to increase a defendant's ability to drive down the settlement value of claims that have a potential to turn nuclear.

25 - Building a Claims System (Spectra) for the Future

Watch guest host Tom Pelster (PRISM Chief Information Officer) and subject matter experts Kenny Popst (PRISM Information Technology Manager) and Terry Butrym (PRISM Liability Claims Manager, SMS) as they discuss the past, present and future of Spectra - the new claims management software currently under development at PRISM.

26 - Cultivating a Culture of Risk Management Heroes

Join guest host Rick Brush (PRISM Chief Member Services Officer) and subject matter expert Aaron Holmberg (Inyo County Risk Manager) as they discuss creating friendly competition, public recognition of risk management excellence, and creating/maintaining EAGLE Award worthy programs.

27 - What is your ROI on Data Quality?

Join guest host Max Larkin (Data, Analytics and Actuarial Manager) with panelists Jen Hamelin (Chief Claims Officer), Marlene Reed (Business Analyst), and Danielle Heim (Senior Business Analytics Developer) as they discuss ways quality data can positively effect members, the difference between good and bad loss data quality, and upcoming changes to PRISM's Workers' Compensation loss data specifications.