Member Services

Return to Work Program

Returning employees to work early in the life of a claim can be one of the most effective cost-control techniques available. Results have shown that early return to work programs can reduce indemnity and medical costs for employers. They also assist the employee to emotionally heal from their injury by returning them to the environment they know. To assist with this process, PRISM has contracted with Norm Peterson and Assoc. (NPA) to provide the OUR System to our members at a discounted rate.

The OUR System effects early return to work by identifying “bridge assignments,” which focus on the employee’s abilities, not on the physical restrictions caused by an injury. If members decide to enter into their own contract with NPA for these services, they should notify NPA that they are a member of PRISM. This will allow the members to receive a discounted rate. For more information on the Return to Work Program, please contact Jen Hamelin at 916-850-7300.