Member Services

Subrogation Recovery Services

Subrogation is the legal process of recovering costs for losses caused by other parties or entities. Recoverable costs can come from a variety of sources. To help PRISM members with their subrogation needs, George Hills Company and Carl Warren & Company are assisting PRISM. They know the legal process to aid in securing recovery of costs from responsible parties and can also help identify costs incurred that are prime for recovery. This service is available at preferred rates for PRISM members.

A list of common examples of potential recovery cases include (but are not limited to):

  • Auto Debris Cleanup Damage
  • DUI Fees
  • Electric Pole Damage
  • Environment Spills
  • Fire Hydrant Damage
  • Graffiti/Code Enforcement
  • Sign Damage
  • Streetlight Pole Damage
  • Traffic Signal Damage
  • Transformer Damage
  • Underground Service Alert Damage
  • Vehicle Damage

For more information on Subrogation Recovery Services, please contact Heather Fregeau at 916-850-7300.