Member Services

Crisis Incident Management and Communications

Mainstream Unlimited services include both pre- and post-crisis incident services and communications management. Pre-crisis services include regional training programs, emergency plans (review and development), vulnerability assessments, and webinars on topics such as critical incident management, communications, and media management. Any member-specific, pre-crisis training and communications management may be contracted and paid for by the member at the discounted rates offered to PRISM members. Members may access their available subsidy balances to assist in covering those costs.

Post-crisis incident services include situation assessment, media consulting, public announcements, and deployment of outside resources to member site. These services will be provided to members upon approval by PRISM , and paid for by PRISM up to $50,000 per incident. Any costs above that would be paid for by the member.

For questions on pre-crisis incident services, contact PRISM Risk Control.

If you are dealing with a crisis and need help with situation assessment and media consulting, please contact the following individuals: Rick BrushMike Pott, Brian Kelley, or Gina Dean.