Member Services

Legal Advice Services

PRISM's former General Counsel, Steve Underwood, Esq. is available to members for assistance and/or consultation on various legal matters.

Topics include the following areas*:

  • Brown Act
  • Public Records Act
  • Contracts and other documents legal review
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Litigated matters
  • Telephonic appearance at closed sessions of the legislative body
  • Other general governmental issues

* The Legal Advice Service is intended to support, not replace, your existing legal personnel and is separate from services provided by the Eyres Law Group for EPL consulting.

Members should contact Steve Underwood directly at 805-705-6195, or Member Services

About Steve Underwood

Steve was PRISM's contracted General Counsel for 30+ years. Having been the County Counsel for Mendocino and Santa Barbara for over 33 years, he has a wealth of knowledge in public entity legal issues, which he will use to assist you with your entity’s legal matters.