Member Services

Risk Management Subsidy

PRISM’s Risk Management Subsidy program is a voluntary program that was created to offset the direct costs you incur from securing external loss prevention or risk management services. A subsidy account will be established for each participating member and may be used for any loss prevention or risk management matter. For complete details, view the Policy Statement Regarding Subsidy Funds.

The annual Risk Management Subsidy of $1,000 per year (per coverage) is available to members of the following programs:

  • Excess Workers’ Compensation
  • Primary Workers’ Compensation
  • General Liability 1
  • General Liability 2
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Property

Risk Management Subsidy funds can be used to cover any risk management or risk control related expenses, including but not limited to: purchase of safety equipment, safety videos, ergonomic equipment, safety pamphlets, expenses related to attending seminars, conferences and regional training, expenses related to contracting for inspections or training, and site inspections and property appraisals not already included in Property Program. Risk Management Subsidy fund balances and requests for reimbursement should be submitted directly from the Subsidy Request tool on the Member Dashboard of the PRISM website.