Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI)

This program is designed to provide medical expense coverage for inmates requiring off-site medical treatment due to serious injuries or other health problems. Various limit and retention options are available, there is no aggregate limit of liability cap, and the program can be excess of coverage provided under an existing contract or placed as primary.

Coverage Provided

Off-site inpatient services/outpatient surgical and associated physician services.  The maximum eligible allowable shall be limited to the lesser of the amount paid, or up to an “Average Daily Maximum” (ADM) per admission of $40,000 ADM for the first three days and $25,000 ADM thereafter.


$1,000,000 Limits of Liability per inmate; No annual Aggregate applies.

Renewal Date:  July 1

Deductible: Options from $10,000 to $100,000 per inmate/per year

Special Features

  • No pre-existing condition exclusion
  • Prior to booking claims covered
  • Expenses in connection with security or  guarding of Inmate up to $10,000
  • AIDS/HIV and Pregnancy claims included


  • Program application
  • Three years current valued loss run listing losses only over $10,000


CIMI Claim Procedure and Form


Current Members: 12