Special Districts

Public Entity Name Member Since
ACCEL 7/1/2002
Amador Transit 7/1/2004
Bay Area Air Quality Management District 8/1/2012
California Fair Services Authority 7/1/2003
California Intergovernmental Risk Authority (CIRA) 7/1/2021
California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) 7/1/2011
California State Senate 10/1/2012
Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) 7/1/2003
CAPRI 7/1/2002
Casitas Municipal Water District 8/1/2002
Catalina Island Medical Center 1/1/2012
CenCal Health 1/1/2021
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District 7/1/2016
Central County Fire Department 6/21/2010
Central Sierra Child Support Agency 11/14/2002
Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) 9/1/2010
Council of San Benito County Governments 12/20/2002
Dublin San Ramon Services District 1/1/2012
East Bay Regional Park District 6/1/2001
Exclusive Risk Management Authority of California (ERMAC) 7/1/2005
Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District 1/1/2019
Gold Coast Transit District 4/1/2004
Golden Empire Transit District 7/1/2005
Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) 7/1/2001
Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District 6/1/2010
Housing Authority of the County of Riverside 10/29/2003
Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) 4/1/2014
Inland Empire Health Plan 1/1/2011
Inland Empire Utilities Agency 1/1/2015
Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) 9/1/2002
Kern County Hospital Authority 7/1/2016
Kings County Area Public Transit Agency 7/1/2005
Kings Waste & Recycling Authority 7/1/2003
Local Agency WC Excess JPA (LAWCX) 7/1/2003
Lompoc Valley Medical Center 1/1/2020
Los Angeles County Law Library 7/1/2019
Marin County Transit District 12/6/2002
Merced Irrigation District 1/1/2022
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District 7/1/2002
Monterey Bay Area Self Insurance Authority (MBASIA) 7/1/2010
Monterey County Housing Authority 5/1/2018
Monterey County Water Resource Agency (MCWRA) 7/31/2018
Monterey Peninsula Airport District 7/1/2003
Monterey Salinas Transit 11/1/2004
Morongo Basin Transit Authority dba Basin Transit 7/1/2004
Mountain Communities Healthcare District 10/1/2007
Municipal Pooling Authority (MPA) 7/1/2003
Napa Sanitation District 1/1/2011
Northern CA Cities Self Insurance Fund (NCCSIF) 7/1/2003
Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) 10/1/2018
Northern California Special Districts Insurance Authority (NCSDIA) 7/1/2001
OC Sanitation District 7/1/2003
Omnitrans 9/14/2006
Orange County Fire Authority 3/1/2007
Orange County Transportation Authority 1/1/2012
Palo Verde Valley Health Care District Hospital 1/23/2013
Placer County Water Agency 1/1/2016
Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District 1/1/2011
Port of Oakland 3/1/2013
PRISM 10/1/1979
Public Agencies Self Insurance System (PASIS) - San Diego 7/1/2002
Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA) 7/1/2008
Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA) Administration 7/1/2008
Regional Council of Rural Counties 1/1/2010
Riverside Transit Agency 10/1/2006
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) 6/1/2005
Sacramento Regional Transit District (SACRT) 7/1/2021
Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District 1/1/2015
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department 1/1/2015
San Diego County Water Authority 1/1/2017
San Diego Housing Commission 6/15/1993
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System 3/31/2008
San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department 1/13/2019
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District 1/1/2005
Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District 10/7/1999
Santa Clara County Housing Authority 7/1/2017
Santa Clara County Library District JPA 1/29/2015
Santa Clara County Vector Control District 11/30/2006
Santa Clara Valley Water District 4/1/2023
Santa Cruz County Fire Agencies Insurance Group 7/1/2002
Santa Cruz Metro Transit District 10/24/2003
SLORTA JPA 1/1/2021
Solano Transportation Authority 12/29/2007
Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit 1/1/2017
South Coast Air Quality Management District 9/1/2008
Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA) 6/1/2003
Tahoe Transportation District 7/1/2016
Transportation Corridor Agencies 1/1/2010
Trindel Insurance Fund 7/1/2001
Turlock Irrigation District 7/1/2008
Union Sanitary District 1/1/2020
Yolo County Public Agency Risk Management Insurance Authority (YCPARMIA) 12/31/2003