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Pass the Baton Mentorship Program

Have you thought about Mentoring? Could you use a risk management Mentor? PRISM created the Pass the Baton Mentorship (PBM) Program (check out the guide here) to help you with just that. This dynamic Program will give you the opportunity to find a Mentor/ Mentee and share knowledge, coaching, and insights in the area of risk management.

There is a wealth of information harnessed by experienced risk managers, and there are many people who are new to the industry. Many people may not even know what questions to ask! The PBM Program is here to bridge that gap!

Learn, Lead

The purpose of the PBM Program is to foster learning and leading. The PBM Program will help to  facilitate conversation and education between experienced Risk Management professionals and future industry leaders. The PBM Program will also inform and enlighten PRISM members on best practices and innovative risk management programs. Learning: Encourage the continuous pursuit and transfer of knowledge in the aspiration to be a risk management professional. Leading: Coaching, and sharing knowledge and Risk Management insights with those new to the field.

How does it work?

** View this short presentation on How the PBM Program Works.**

Pass the Baton  (click here to view on your own browser - best viewed using Chrome).

Mentors/ Mentees sign up for the PBM Program and will be listed in PRISM's Mentorship e-Guide with important information such as areas of expertise and experiences, or needs and questions. Contact information will not be posted. When you are ready to start mentoring or being mentored, contact PRISM Member Services and we will connect you.

The level interaction is up to you! Want to exchange information via email only? Want to meet at a conference for a lunch meeting? Or set up regular in-person or phone meetings? It is your call.

Who can join? How to join?

  • Any member of PRISM can participate in the Pass the Baton Mentorship Program!
  • PRISM members can join by filling out the questionnaire and sending it to PRISM’s Member Services staff.

Questions? Ready to Sign Up?

Contact the PRISM's Member Services Department.


For more information, please contact Skylar Golding, Member Services Technician.