Protecting Vacant School Buildings
Posted by Eric Lucero in COVID-19, Education
April 06, 2020

Most California schools will not reopen for the remainder of the school year, increasing property-related risks including theft and vandalism. Use the following tips to prevent these losses at your sites.

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The 2020 Legislative Session--Hijacked by COVID-19
Posted by Mike Pott in COVID-19, Legal Eye
March 23, 2020

COVID-19 will likely have a dramatic impact on the 2020 legislative process. In this Legal Eye blog, the effects of this  scenario on the California Legislature is discussed. 

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EIA Employee Benefits Response to COVID-19

If you are a Member of the EIAHealth and Employee Benefits programs, we ask that you please pay close attention to the communications coming directly from your Alliant Service teams.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Coverage Thoughts

Unfortunately, from an insurance standpoint, there is no way to fully quantify the impact of the Coronavirus until an actual loss/claim arises.

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OSH Standards Board ETS Sub-Committee Meeting - June 21, 2021
Posted by Scarlett Sadler in COVID-19

The Sub-committee met today, June 21st, and spoke about the meeting structure and how they would accomplish the Subcommittee's business in the allotted 2 hours for each meeting.

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