2021 California Legislative Year in Review
Posted by Mike Pott in Legal Eye
November 22, 2021

Another legislative year has come and gone with the legislature introducing 2,421 individual pieces of legislation.  Read on for a summary of these bills and their anticipated impact to PRISM members.

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SB 722: Swimming Pools – CPR Requirement
Posted by Scarlett Sadler in Education, Legislation
November 17, 2021

Recently signed by Governor Newsom, SB 722 requires a school district or charter school to have at least one adult with a valid certification of CPR training to be present throughout the duration of a non-interscholastic event.

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Standards Board Postpones Adoption of Federal OSHA COVID-19 ETS
Posted by John Nichols in COVID-19, Risk Control
November 16, 2021

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) has elected to postpone its adoption of the Federal COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

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Benefits of HVAC Upgrades
Posted by John Nichols in Risk Control
November 08, 2021

Filtration and air cleaning are effective means of controlling indoor air pollutants, particularly those associated with poor outdoor air quality.

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TikTok Challenges on Campus
Posted by Scarlett Sadler in Education
November 04, 2021

TikTok trends have impacted school districts across the nation, leaving many school administrators frustrated. It's important to be aware of the potential for these incidents before they occur.

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