Recently signed by Governor Newsom, SB 722 requires a school district or charter school to have at least one adult with a valid certification of CPR training to be present throughout the duration of a non-interscholastic event. This applies to events where the agency elects to host or sponsor an on-campus event that is not part of an interscholastic athletic program in or around a swimming pool. Hosting or sponsoring events on school campuses is different from hosting an event that is considered an interscholastic athletic activity such as water polo, swimming, or diving. Hosted or sponsored events are those events that are considered extracurricular such as a school sponsored pool party or other types of activities for which the school district has approved the use of its swimming pool. For interscholastic athletic programs, coaches must have current CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) certifications, including First Aid and CPR. This requirement does not apply to all teachers and administrators who are not coaches. Therefore, school districts should review existing policies and related use agreements with both existing and potential future swimming pool users to ensure that groups and organizations certify compliance with this new CPR requirement before allowing the use of its facilities.

For additional information on CPR, First Aid, and AED training or questions about SB722, please contact Risk Control.