Strategies for Lawful and Productive Performance Management in the Midst of a Pandemic and Beyond - Premiers On-Demand April 8 - no registration needed




Premiers On-Demand April 8, 2021 on PRISMtv for 24/7 access - no registration needed

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Presented by:  Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner, Eyres Law Group

This is a comprehensive update on legal and policy imperatives and best practices for managing the performance of employees working both onsite and via remote work assignments. The primary focus will be on performance management, feedback and evaluation during and after the pandemic. We will also have a ‘dose of discipline’ to address overlapping conduct/behavior issues that influence performance problems.  

  • How to write clear performance objectives and model language to use in areas requiring improvement.   
  • How to write performance improvement plans (PIPS) and measure whether performance improvement is meaningful and sustained.   
  • Special considerations for managing remote workers  
  • Impact of COVID-19 related leaves, reduced schedules, modified work assignments, and accommodations on performance management in the first half of 2021 and beyond; 
  • Planning for performance management considerations in a post-pandemic environment; 
  • Helping leaders stay “on track’ with their enforcement of PIPs. 
  • Legal and practical consequences of inconsistent approaches to performance feedback., including content and language that should never be found in a performance evaluation 
  • A dose of discipline: dealing with conduct and behavior that influences poor performance; how to distinguish between what goes in a PIP and when disciplinary action is the only avenue. 
  • Dealing with due process and contract requirements for both performance feedback and discipline both pre and post-pandemic. 
  • Critical risks for lawsuits or grievances when written comments stray into areas where the employee enjoys legal rights and policy protections.

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Thursday, April 8, 2021
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