Bills of Interest

PRISM's Legislative Committee takes positions on bills of interest to Members. The positions are either Support, Oppose, Concerns, or Watch. The levels, whether in support or opposition of a bill, are: Level 1- listed here on the website; Level 2 - listed here on the website and a letter will be sent to the author of the bill; Level 3 - listed here on the website, letter sent to the author of the bill, and lobbyists or staff may testify in support of the position taken.

When PRISM takes a Concerns position, a letter is sent to the author of the bill expressing that PRISM has not taken a support or an oppose position; instead, PRISM is writing to express certain concerns it has regarding the bill. If PRISM takes a Watch position,  PRISM's Legislative Committee will continue to watch the bill through the legislative session to ensure that if the bill is amended, then PRISM can determine whether it should take a different position.

*The Education category filter below only lists bills that are specific in nature to schools. Bills that apply to other entities and may also apply to schools can be found using the subject matter filters below. 

Category Filters

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Workers' Compensation
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