Partner Programs

As with our other Risk Management offerings, we partner with 3rd party providers to offer you additional services that you may not have access to on your own. For additional information about any of our partner programs detailed below, please contact Risk Control or call (916) 850-7300.

When active violence occurs, time is critical to survival. Being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives.

PRISM has partnered with the Health & Safety Institute (HSI) to provide members access to Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT). AVERT goes beyond active shooter training and uses dynamic methods to teach employees proactive awareness, how to react and protect themselves and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.

ADVERT is a 2-hour course that emphasizes training in:

  • Warning Signs and Situational Awareness
  • Escape, Evade, Attack, and Active Shooter Response Procedures
  • Emergency Stop the Bleed Training Techniques

Employees will receive basic information on what to expect in an online module followed by classroom instruction that uses dynamic techniques with hands-on training to reinforce the taught life-saving skills.

After training, employees will be able to :

  • Recognize warning signs of a potential aggressor
  • Escape, evade or attack in the critical seconds during an event
  • Apply critical bleeding control techniques to help save lives
  • Respond quickly in a violent or emergency situation

Give employees the confidence they need to respond with the appropriate action if active violence or a life-threatening situation arises.

PRISM has partnered with Plexus Global to provide background check services.

Employers have a duty to ensure prospective employees will not pose a risk to the public, other agency employees, or the agency. Comprehensive background checks are a necessary and important pre-employment best practice that will help members meet this obligation.

Using a consumer reporting agency, like Plexus Global, to conduct background checks ensures compliance with requirements for safeguarding the confidentiality of information obtained. Limiting employees’ involvement reduces the member’s exposure and maintains the confidentiality of the information obtained in the background check process.

For additional information on preferred pricing and value-added packages available to PRISM members, contact Risk Control.

PRISM has partnered with Health and Safety Institute (HSI) to offer high-quality CPR, First Aid, and AED training options. HSI has developed its National Training Solution to allow customers to conveniently coordinate training through a single point of contact. PRISM has also negotiated a favorable, reduced rate for members.

For more information, please contact Risk Control.

We have partnered with Synoptek to provide exclusive cyber security services for PRISM members. Synoptek provides proactive Managed IT Services by designing, implementing, operating, managing and monitoring all types of IT networks, devices, and users. If you are interested in these services or have any questions, contact Risk Control.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium

Drug and/or alcohol testing services for regulated and non-regulated drivers via a Consortium for all PRISM members.

PRISM formed a Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium to help control costs and help members facilitate testing requirements. Participation in the Consortium is voluntary. It is comprised of two pools, one for regulated and one for non-regulated programs. This service complies with 49 CFR, part 40, "Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs" and part 655 “Prevention of Alcohol Misuse and Prohibited Drug Use in Transit Operations.” All PRISM members are welcome to participate.

Services through the Consortium include: statistically validated random computer selection, administrator notification, specimen collection site coordination, quarterly summary reporting, billing assistance, Medical Review Officer (MRO) coordination, and employee and supervisor training.

Drug and/or alcohol testing services are also available for applicant screening, post- accident tests and for all drug free workplace and/or reasonable suspicion testing.

Contact Risk Control for more information.

PRISM has partnered with Vector Solutions to bring our members Vector Evaluations+, an Employee Performance Evaluation Software designed specifically for first responders. Tracking your crews’ abilities is essential for ensuring effective job performance. This service integrates with Vector Solutions' learning management system platform and includes the ability to; test and track skill competencies, oversee officer's progress during FTO program, record videos of skill demonstrations, and assess performance. Contact Risk Control for more information.  


As a DMV approved Employer Pull Notice (EPN) agent, A-Check Global, provides an electronic platform that allows employers to monitor employee driving records on demand and provides automatic e-mail notification when a reportable event occurs.  The system also includes a record management system. Contact Risk Control for more information.



This mobile application for Fire and EMS Agencies is accessible through our partnership with Vector Solutions and allows for easy inspections on the go. Vector Solutions Check It simplifies routine maintenance inspections of fire equipment. Access customizable checklists based on your own needs. Send push notifications to alert users of past-due checks. Open service tickets, document costs, and then track the progress of an out-of-service apparatus. Contact Risk Control for more information.

PRISM has partnered with TimeKeeping Systems to provide discounted rates for Guard1, a comprehensive automated check in system. The Guard1 system allows members with correctional facilities to electronically log check-in points with timestamps on their routes and provide documented proof that routes were completed. This system can also be used for safety inspections and patrols, such as door checks, fire safety inspections, and perimeter patrols. Use of Guard1 has been successful in defending correctional staff in administrative hearings and civil litigation. Contact Risk Control for more information.

PRISM members are provided free access to Labor Law/Employment Practices Services through Eyres Law Group (ELG). Feel free to contact Patricia Eyres directly at (602) 448-4051 and to begin utilizing the service. 


The service provides members with unlimited telephone calls to ELG, email communications, and/or faxes to answer employment law questions as they arise. Topics can include: return to work issues, modified duty and reasonable accommodations, leave of absence  management and tracking, harassment and retaliation prevention, performance management, discipline, policy enforcement, or other related employment law/practices issues.


ELG also provides step-by step-coaching and advice in a privileged context for employment law decisions and subsequent actions. This includes: review and analysis of documentation, developing talking points for return to work and stay at work processes, and reasonable accommodation decisions, as appropriate. Each participating member will have a separate engagement letter to assure all applicable privileges apply.


Two key employment practice resources available to members are:


Interactive Process Manual for California Public Agencies

Managing Multiple Leaves of Absence for California Public Agencies


Also included in this service are monthly webcasts, which can be found on PRISMtv, and a newsletter customized for public agencies.


For more information, please contact Risk Control at (916) 850-7300.

PRISM has partnered with LensLock to provide a turn-key body worn camera, software, and secure cloud service focused on ensuring that digital video & data captured by law enforcement agencies is safely maintained in a Microsoft Azure CJIS compliant Government Cloud solution. LensLock’s secure video management platform provides an end-to-end chain of custody to ensure that digital evidence has not been compromised.

Services include everything to get your agency up and running; providing system integration support, administration and user training, best practices for implementation and policy development.

Contact Risk Control for information on preferred pricing.


PRISM has partnered with Occumetric to provide physical abilities testing. Using proprietary equipment and software, Occumetric tests an applicant’s ability to bend, push, pull, and carry loads. Manual testing can also be performed to evaluate an applicant’s ability to crawl or climb. Results are used to determine if an applicant can meet the physical demands required for the essential functions of their prospective job. Contact Risk Control for more information.


PRISM has partnered with Shoes for Crews (SFC) to offer our members a variety of protective footwear products at discounted rates when participating in one of SFC corporate programs. All SFC footwear is made with slip resistant outsoles and SFC patented tread pattern that is designed to channel liquids away from the sole. In addition to having a large variety of slip resistant and protective footwear, SFC also offers slip resistant footwear combined with various safety toe options that meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F-2413-11 Standard.

Contact Risk Control for additional information on SFC.

PRISM has partnered with Community Matters to bring our Educational members the Safe School Ambassadors® (SSA) program. This program empowers the natural student leaders from diverse groups and cliques on campus and equips them with nonviolent communication and intervention skills to prevent and stop bullying, cyber-bullying, and other mean-spirited behaviors. 

Contact Risk Control for information on preferred pricing.

PRISM has partnered with Health Safety Institute (HSI) to provide members with access to a comprehensive, automated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and chemical inventory management solution. This program provides environmental health and safety managers with easy to administer, web based tools to simplify the process of compliance with right-to-know requirements. We have pre-negotiated rates for a variety of service options, allowing PRISM members to scale the program to suit their needs.

Contact Risk Control for additional information about this service.


Vector Solutions

An online learning management system from Vector Solutions (formerly TargetSolutions),  allows members access to an extensive catalog of web based training sessions for risk management as well as everyday business needs.

We have partnered with Vector Solutions to deliver an online training and safety/risk management platform of services. The web-based training program provides access to a wide range of training topics, many of which are included with your PRISM membership, and others at a PRISM negotiated reasonable cost. This innovative service gives members “anytime, anywhere” access to quality, cost-effective, courses in a wide range of risk management topics such as harassment prevention and defensive driver training, as well as general business courses.

The platform is streamlined and more efficient than traditional systems and contains several beneficial features, to include: a time-saving compliance tracking component, resource center, data analytic capabilities and file center functions. Contact PRISM Risk Control for additional information.

Vector Solutions presents the workforce management software Scheduling by CrewSense. Designed specifically for our mission-critical members (fire, law enforcement, EMS), Scheduling lets administrators coordinate schedules and oversee employee hours. Manage overtime and simplify communications with this cloud-based system. Built to be customizable and user friendly, Scheduling is offered at a discounted price. Learn more by contacting PRISM’s Risk Control department.