Member Services


A compendium of risk control tools and resource documents which address a broad spectrum of risk related topics. These resources are intended to be used by PRISM members to ease the process of identifying, evaluating, and controlling risk.

Cyber Security Resources

Resources for public agency cyber security, including best practices.

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Guide

Guide for employers on registration and query plan requirements.

Employment Practices Manuals

California public agency employment matters manuals, legal and policy guidelines, and more.

Essential Job Duties

Collection of work capacities by classification to assist Return to Work programs.

Job Safety Analyses

Use a job safety analysis to identify and prevent hazards in the workplace.

Occupational Safety and Health Guide

Action Steps for Public Agencies

Risk Simplified

Informative documents on an array of topics by PRISM's Risk Control Department.

Road Maintenance

Tools and resources for road maintenance and design programs.

Safety Talks: A Tailgate/ Toolbox Resource

A selection of safety meeting topics that can be used to plan safety meetings.

School Administrator's Guide to Preventing Sexual Abuse & Misconduct

A guide to assist with creating policies and procedures against would-be sexual predators.

School Liability Handbook: Student Activities and Employment Issues

A 5-section handbook on liability issues in schools.

School Safety for the Industrial Arts

Keep students, faculty, and others safe in Industrial Arts classrooms.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Best Practices for Public Agencies