Public Entity Members

Although PRISM consists of 55 counties in California, membership has expanded to include other public entities. Cities, educational organizations, special districts, housing authorities, fire districts, and other Joint Powers Authorities have benefited from PRISM's cost effective insurance solutions and risk management services. Find information about member public entities below.

Public Entity Information

Each entity's profile includes:

  • Primary and Alternate Contacts
  • Program and committee participation records
Public Entity Name Member Since
ACCEL 7/1/2002
Alameda Health System 7/1/2002
Amador Transit 7/1/2004
Bay Area Air Quality Management District 8/1/2012
Bay Area Housing Authority RMA (BAHARMA) 5/1/2005
Berkeley Unified School District 1/1/2004
Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs 5/1/2023
California Fair Services Authority 7/1/2003
California Intergovernmental Risk Authority (CIRA) 7/1/2021
California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) 7/1/2011
California Schools JPA (CSRM) 7/1/2002
California State Senate 10/1/2012
California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) 1/1/2015
Campbell Union School District 7/1/2008
Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) 7/1/2003
CAPRI 7/1/2002
Casitas Municipal Water District 8/1/2002
Catalina Island Medical Center 1/1/2012
CenCal Health 1/1/2021
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District 7/1/2016
Central County Fire Department 6/21/2010
Central Region School Insurance Group (CRSIG) 7/1/2014
Central Sierra Child Support Agency 11/14/2002
City of Alameda 1/1/2010
City of Albany 7/1/2003
City of American Canyon 1/1/2017
City of Atwater 4/1/2010
City of Bakersfield 7/1/2007
City of Baldwin Park 7/1/2019
City of Beaumont 7/1/2015
City of Bell 7/1/2006
City of Belmont 12/1/2004
City of Berkeley 12/31/2011
City of Buena Park 11/1/2010
City of Burlingame 10/1/2003
City of Calabasas 1/1/2010
City of Calexico 1/1/2016
City of Capitola 1/1/2014
City of Carmel by the Sea 7/1/2006
City of Carson 8/31/2017
City of Chico 8/1/2010
City of Chula Vista 10/1/2003
City of Citrus Heights 7/1/2006
City of Clovis 1/1/2017
City of Compton 7/1/2021
City of Concord 7/1/2003
City of Corona 7/30/2003
City of Coronado 3/31/2016
City of Costa Mesa 1/1/2011
City of Covina 1/1/2004
City of Cupertino 1/1/2004
City of Cypress 1/1/2011
City of Daly City 2/1/2003
City of Del Mar 11/1/2003
City of Dixon 7/1/2003
City of Downey 7/1/2006
City of El Cajon 7/1/2002
City of El Centro 2/1/2010
City of El Monte 7/1/2006
City of Elk Grove 7/1/2008
City of Encinitas 3/31/2016
City of Escalon 8/1/2010
City of Escondido 10/1/2003
City of Fairfield 7/1/2003
City of Fontana 5/1/2005
City of Foster City 1/1/2014
City of Fountain Valley 7/1/2018
City of Fremont 7/1/2006
City of Galt 1/1/2014
City of Garden Grove 7/1/2005
City of Gardena 7/1/2018
City of Glendale 7/1/2004
City of Goleta 1/1/2010
City of Hanford 7/1/2012
City of Hawthorne 7/1/2003
City of Hayward 7/1/2012
City of Hemet 8/1/2002
City of Hesperia 7/1/2002
City of Huntington Beach 1/1/2010
City of Imperial Beach 7/1/2003
City of Ione 9/1/2010
City of Irvine 1/1/2008
City of Lake Forest 1/1/2024
City of Lancaster 8/1/2003
City of Lemon Grove 1/1/2004
City of Lindsay 7/1/2003
City of Live Oak 8/1/2010
City of Livermore 1/1/2011
City of Loma Linda 1/1/2022
City of Lompoc 7/1/2003
City of Los Alamitos 7/1/2016
City of Los Altos 7/1/2010
City of Madera 7/1/2003
City of Manhattan Beach 3/1/2017
City of Maywood 1/1/2010
City of Menlo Park 1/1/2015
City of Merced 10/1/2005
City of Mill Valley 8/1/2010
City of Millbrae 7/1/2005
City of Mission Viejo 3/1/2010
City of Modesto 7/1/2017
City of Montebello 7/1/2006
City of Monterey Park 7/1/2003
City of Moreno Valley 7/1/2003
City of Murrieta 6/1/2011
City of Napa 7/1/2002
City of National City 10/1/2003
City of Needles 1/1/2010
City of Norco 7/1/2003
City of Oakland 7/1/2002
City of Oceanside 10/1/2003
City of Oroville 10/1/2010
City of Oxnard 7/1/2002
City of Pacifica 1/1/2014
City of Palmdale 7/1/2013
City of Palo Alto 7/1/2003
City of Pasadena 7/1/2020
City of Paso Robles 1/1/2011
City of Perris 10/1/2010
City of Petaluma 7/1/2021
City of Pico Rivera 7/1/2017
City of Pittsburg 9/25/2017
City of Pleasanton 7/1/2011
City of Pomona 7/1/2008
City of Port Hueneme 1/1/2012
City of Rancho Cordova 7/1/2003
City of Rancho Mirage 7/1/2013
City of Rancho Santa Margarita 6/1/2010
City of Redding 5/1/2007
City of Redlands 7/1/2017
City of Redondo Beach 7/1/2017
City of Redwood City 7/1/2005
City of Rialto 7/1/2003
City of Richmond 4/18/2009
City of Ridgecrest 7/1/2006
City of Rohnert Park 7/1/2021
City of Roseville 1/1/2016
City of Sacramento 7/1/2005
City of San Bernardino 1/1/2011
City of San Bruno 7/1/2013
City of San Buenaventura (Ventura) 7/17/2002
City of San Clemente 7/1/2005
City of San Diego 7/1/2003
City of San Jacinto 9/1/2010
City of San Leandro 1/1/2014
City of San Mateo 8/12/2019
City of San Ramon 1/1/2016
City of Santa Clara 7/1/2004
City of Santa Maria 7/1/2004
City of Santa Rosa 1/1/2005
City of Santee 3/31/2016
City of Sausalito 1/1/2007
City of Shafter 1/1/2018
City of Simi Valley 7/1/2003
City of Solana Beach 10/1/2003
City of South Pasadena 7/1/2014
City of South San Francisco 1/1/2004
City of Stanton 9/1/2010
City of Stockton 7/1/2003
City of Sunnyvale 7/1/2004
City of Thousand Oaks 7/1/2021
City of Torrance 7/1/2002
City of Tracy 7/1/2003
City of Vacaville 10/1/2010
City of Vallejo 7/1/2018
City of Visalia 1/1/2005
City of Vista 3/31/2016
City of Walnut Creek 1/1/2010
City of Watsonville 7/1/2013
City of West Covina 1/1/2017
City of West Sacramento 1/1/2011
City of Westminster 7/1/2018
City of Whittier 7/1/2006
City of Yuba City 1/1/2008
Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) 9/1/2010
College of the Law, San Francisco 7/1/2004
Contra Costa County IHSS Public Authority 10/29/2003
Council of San Benito County Governments 12/20/2002
Del Norte IHSS Public Authority 1/8/2003
Dublin San Ramon Services District 1/1/2012
East Bay Regional Park District 6/1/2001
Evergreen Elementary School District 7/1/2006
Exclusive Risk Management Authority of California (ERMAC) 7/1/2005
Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District 1/1/2019
First 5 Contra Costa Children and Families Commission 5/1/2008
Gold Coast Transit District 4/1/2004
Golden Empire Transit District 7/1/2005
Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) 7/1/2001
Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District 6/1/2010
Housing Authority of the County of Riverside 10/29/2003
Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) 4/1/2014
Huntington Beach Union High School District 7/1/2008
Imperial County IHSS Public Authority 6/4/2003
Inland Empire Health Plan 1/1/2011
Inland Empire Utilities Agency 1/1/2015
Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) 9/1/2002
Kern County Hospital Authority 7/1/2016
Kern County In Home Supportive Services Public Authority 1/1/2003
Kings County Area Public Transit Agency 7/1/2005
Kings Waste & Recycling Authority 7/1/2003
Lake Elsinore Unified School District 7/1/2003
Local Agency WC Excess JPA (LAWCX) 7/1/2003
Lompoc Valley Medical Center 1/1/2020
Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) 7/1/2003
Los Angeles County Law Library 7/1/2019
Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) 1/1/2012
Los Angeles Unified School District Risk Management Authority (LAUSD RMA) 7/1/2016
Marin County Transit District 12/6/2002
Merced Irrigation District 1/1/2022
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District 7/1/2002
Monterey Bay Area Self Insurance Authority (MBASIA) 7/1/2010
Monterey County Housing Authority 5/1/2018
Monterey County Water Resource Agency (MCWRA) 7/31/2018
Monterey Peninsula Airport District 7/1/2003
Monterey Salinas Transit 11/1/2004
Morongo Basin Transit Authority dba Basin Transit 7/1/2004
Mountain Communities Healthcare District 10/1/2007
Municipal Pooling Authority (MPA) 7/1/2003
Napa Sanitation District 1/1/2011
Northern CA Cities Self Insurance Fund (NCCSIF) 7/1/2003
Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) 10/1/2018
Northern California Special Districts Insurance Authority (NCSDIA) 7/1/2001
Oakland Unified School District 7/1/2018
OC Sanitation District 7/1/2003
Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) 1/1/2014
Omnitrans 9/14/2006
Orange County Fire Authority 3/1/2007
Orange County Transportation Authority 1/1/2012
Palo Verde Valley Health Care District Hospital 1/23/2013
Pasadena USD 7/1/2010
Placer County Water Agency 1/1/2016
Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District 1/1/2011
Port of Oakland 3/1/2013
PRISM 10/1/1979
Public Agencies Self Insurance System (PASIS) - San Diego 7/1/2002
Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA) 7/1/2008
Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA) Administration 7/1/2008
Redondo Beach Unified School District 7/1/2013
Regional Council of Rural Counties 1/1/2010
Riverside County IHSS Public Authority 11/1/2002
Riverside Transit Agency 10/1/2006
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) 6/1/2005
Sacramento First 5 Commission 4/13/2004
Sacramento Regional Transit District (SACRT) 7/1/2021
Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District 1/1/2015
San Benito County IHSS Public Authority 11/12/2003
San Bernardino IHSS Public Authority 1/7/2003
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department 1/1/2015
San Diego County IHSS Public Authority 11/4/2003
San Diego County Water Authority 1/1/2017
San Diego Housing Commission 6/15/1993
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System 3/31/2008
San Diego Unified School District 7/1/2004
San Jose Unified School District 12/1/2002
San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department 1/13/2019
San Mateo County Schools Insurance Group (SMCSIG) 7/1/2006
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District 1/1/2005
Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District 10/7/1999
Santa Clara County Housing Authority 7/1/2017
Santa Clara County Library District JPA 1/29/2015
Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) 7/1/2013
Santa Clara County Vector Control District 11/30/2006
Santa Clara Valley Water District 4/1/2023
Santa Cruz County Fire Agencies Insurance Group 7/1/2002
Santa Cruz Metro Transit District 10/24/2003
Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF) 1/1/2012
Self Insured Risk Management Authority (SIRMA) 10/1/2002
Shasta IHSS Public Authority 1/11/2003
SLORTA JPA 1/1/2021
Solano Transportation Authority 12/29/2007
Sonoma County Employees' Retirement Association (SCERA) 7/1/2004
Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit 1/1/2017
South Bay Area Schools Insurance Authority (SBASIA) 7/1/2010
South Coast Air Quality Management District 9/1/2008
Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA) 6/1/2003
Superior Court of California, County of Alameda 3/12/2019
Superior Court of California, County of Alpine 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Amador 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Butte 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Calaveras 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Colusa 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Contra Costa 1/1/2011
Superior Court of California, County of Del Norte 2/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado 2/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Lake 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Lassen 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Merced 1/1/2015
Superior Court of California, County of Orange 3/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Placer 1/1/2015
Superior Court of California, County of San Benito 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of San Luis Obispo 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Santa Cruz 2/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Shasta 12/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma 1/1/2011
Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Trinity 7/1/2015
Superior Court of California, County of Tuolumne 1/1/2010
Superior Court of California, County of Yolo 1/1/2013
Superior Court of California, County of Yuba 1/1/2015
Sutter IHSS Public Authority 1/8/2003
Tahoe Transportation District 7/1/2016
Torrance Unified School District 7/1/2002
Town of Apple Valley 1/1/2024
Town of Colma 8/21/2004
Town of Yountville 1/1/2011
Transportation Corridor Agencies 1/1/2010
Tri-County Schools Insurance Group (TCSIG) 7/1/2023
Trindel Insurance Fund 7/1/2001
Turlock Irrigation District 7/1/2008
Union Sanitary District 1/1/2020
Upland Unified School District 7/1/2014
West San Gabriel Liability and Property JPA 7/1/2002
West San Gabriel WC JPA 7/1/2003
Yolo County Public Agency Risk Management Insurance Authority (YCPARMIA) 12/31/2003