Pollution Liability

This environmental group purchase program provides public entities coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs caused by pollution conditions at scheduled owned or leased sites or arising from certain operations.

Renewal Date:  July 1

Current Members: Program I: 923; Program II: 12

Self Insured Retention

  • $250,000—Each Pollution Condition
  • $500,000 for all Underground Storage Tanks < 25 years of age
  • $1,000,000 for all Underground Storage Tanks > 25 years of age
  • $1,000,000 for Sewage Backup


Third Party

  • Third Party bodily injury, property damage, and off-site cleanup coverage, plus first party on-site cleanup coverage, as a result of pollution conditions at, on or migrating from scheduled sites (including associated streets and roads, storm drains & outfalls, and sanitary sewer trunk lines).
  • Products liability (Bodily Injury and Legal Defense for Contaminants only) for potable, reclaimed and recycled water distributed by the insured
  • Blanket coverage on Non-Owned Disposal Sites

First Party

  • Cleanup as a result of pollution conditions at, on or under the scheduled sites (including streets and roads, and sanitary sewer trunk lines) except landfills and former military bases
  • On-site Sudden and Accidental Airport Coverage with 72-hour reporting period
  • Pollution coverage for vehicles owned or leased by the insured
  • Coverage included for above ground storage tanks; Underground Storage Tanks (UST) require scheduling*


  • Covered Locations: All locations within the portfolio, whether owned, leased, operated or managed by the insured at the inception date and listed on the property schedule, including landfills (Landfills excluded, however, a giveback to the exclusion applies for Remediation Expenses incurred exclusively for remediation of pollutants that are beyond the boundaries of the Covered Property
  • Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Locations -- Must be reported within (180) days of the Named Insured taking title or its occupancy and not a landfill or not an RCRA or Superfund site


Pollution Claims Procedure and Form


Current Members: 97