Riverside County

Member Since: 7/1/1984

Board Member

Brenda Diederichs, Assistant County Exec Officer/Human Resources Director of the HR Dept.

Alternate Member

Mike Bowers, Assistant Human Resources Director

Primary Contact

Lari Camarra

Additional Contacts

Tyger Fawcett

Monique Chaldu, Business Process Analyst
Program/Responsibility: Technology Committee

Gerald Saputra, Sr. Liability Claims Adjuster
Program/Responsibility: Property Committee

Sylvia Skibar, Workers' Compensation Division Manager
Workers' Compensation

Jeffrey L. Hunter, Principal Safety Analyst

Megan Gomez, Deputy Human Resources Director


Program Participation

Program Members Since
Aircraft 7/1/2017
Master Crime 6/30/1997
General Liability 2 2/15/1991
Medical Malpractice 6/1/1988
Watercraft 6/30/1993
Employee Assistance Program 8/1/2020
Pollution 7/1/2003
Airport 7/1/2017
Excess Workers' Compensation 5/1/2000
Optional Excess Liability 2/26/2019
Property 7/1/1984

Committee Participation

Committee Member
General Liability 2 Committee Mike Bowers
Medical Malpractice Committee Lari Camarra
Property Committee Gerald Saputra
Technology Committee Monique Chaldu