Disinfectants often include hazardous chemicals that can cause or trigger asthma and other health concerns. People may not realize disinfectants, including disposable wipes, are regulated by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). As schools contemplate reopening, districts are encouraged to procure disinfectants that kill the coronavirus using the least hazardous active ingredient.

Remember that only employees who have completed a DPR approved course (i.e., Integrated Germ Management) can be allowed to use disinfectants on campus. When choosing disinfectant products, use those approved against COVID-19 on the   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved list “N.”

Reduce the risk of asthma and other health effects related to disinfecting surfaces with these best practices:

  • Select products with hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, or lactic acid as the active ingredient
  • Avoid products that contain peroxyacetic (peracetic) acid, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), or quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Follow all safety data sheet information and manufacturer directions for appropriate dilution rates, contact times, and required personal protective equipment
  • Establish a cleaning and disinfecting schedule to avoid over or underuse of disinfectants
  • Keep disinfectants away from students

For additional assistance, contact PRISM Risk Control.