Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are having difficulties staffing an adequate number of employees. Due to the talent shortage, delays have become common in quite a few industries. Labs that are responsible for the testing of specimens for the Drug and Alcohol Testing Program have warned that their industry is facing these same challenges.

Please be aware, it is possible that as a participant in the PRISM program you may experience delays in specimen processing and reporting. It is also important to remember that although there may be delays, minimum testing requirements set forth by the different regulating authorities are still in effect and must be adhered to.

It is imperative that employers act proactively to ensure employees are tested early in the quarter to allow time for specimen processing, investigation if warranted and reporting. All of which must be completed before the next random list can be generated.

While we can’t control lab staffing issues, we can control when our drivers are tested. For those that are part of a drug and alcohol testing Consortium, like we have available through our partnership with Plexus Global, if any test result is delayed, the next random selection list for the entire Consortium pool will be delayed. Delays can be frustrating, rest assured, testing labs are doing everything they can to collect and process specimens as expediently as possible.

While labs are doing all they can to process specimens and issue reports, employers must do their part. During these trying times, send employees in sooner for testing. At least a few weeks before the end of the quarter in order to allow adequate time for the processing of specimens and posting of results.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PRISM Risk Control.