The EIA Board of Directors met on March 3, 2017, and approved the elimination of the ½ percent Public Entity Fee. The Fee was created when Public Entity members were first allowed to join the EIA back in 2001. The Public Entity Fee was important and it served a useful purpose when initiated, but now it is contrary to the EIA's mission, which includes that we are Equitable – allocating costs and services between various members in a fair and consistent manner.

Members belong to the EIA because they share common values and a common mission: to work collaboratively, saving money so California's governmental agencies can use those funds for their original intended purpose. The Board's decision was made with 40 counties and 7 public entities present and voting at the meeting. The discussion had arisen several times since 2010, but most recently at the September and October, 2016 Executive Committee Meetings. Communication of the discussion was advised to all EIA members in advance of the Board meeting, and on March 2, 2017, the Executive Committee recommended to the Board, the elimination of the Public Entity Fee.  The fee represents a collective savings of more than $650,000 to public entity members and the Fee will no longer be charged starting with the next program renewals.