Work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) include: sprains, strains, tears, and repetitive motion injuries. Individual employee health factors – such as physical fitness, weight, and diet can increase the likelihood that an employee suffers an injury of this nature. This may leave employers feeling helpless to prevent these types of injuries, but there are several steps to get any employer started.

Ergonomic Awareness

It doesn’t take an ergonomist to introduce sound practices.  Employers can introduce basic ergonomic awareness, including training, as part of new employee onboarding. Workstations and chairs should be adjusted to fit employees and their most common tasks. Ergonomic assessments can be completed for employees when they start and for anyone with ergonomic related concerns.

Health Insurance Benefits

Encourage employees to take advantage of the perks provided by the health insurance carriers providing employee health benefits. Some examples of these benefits include: discounted gym memberships, wellness apps, and covered preventative screening.

Implement a Wellness Program

Implement an effective wellness program or look for ways to improve an already established program. A successful program considers all aspects of employee wellness including physical and emotional well-being.

Encourage Safe Work Practices

Safe work practices prevent all types of injuries, including MSDs. Some examples include safe lifting practices to prevent back injuries, housekeeping to prevent trip and falls, and avoiding dangerous short cuts.