As the CDPH mask mandate for wearing a face mask indoors at K-12 Schools comes to an end, district leaders should be mindful of how this may affect their schools. As of  March 12th, barring a district policy to the contrary, all employees and students will be allowed to enter K-12 schools without a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

With that being said, some employees and students will choose to continue to wear a mask for varying reasons. For some, it's the fear of being in a classroom full of potentially unvaccinated individuals who are unmasked. For others, it might be due to having a compromised immune system. Regardless of why individuals choose to continue wearing masks, school districts need to ensure these individuals are treated no differently than those who choose not to wear a face mask. Bullying and harassment of individuals should not be tolerated, and school districts should ensure employee and student harassment and/or bullying policies are up to date and clearly communicated. School districts should also notify employees and students of the repercussions and potential disciplinary actions to employees or students should they be discovered engaging in activities that could be considered bullying or harassment of others per the district's policies.

School districts are also still required to ensure that employees and students have access to no cost face coverings when requested. School districts should continue to follow existing protocols to ensure face masks are stocked and available. Policies for bullying and harassment, as well as protocols for providing access to no cost face coverings should already be in place; however, if you need assistance, please reach out. Also, if you have any questions about the CDPH mask mandate or bullying and harassment policies, please contact Risk Control