The Office of Self-Insurance Plans and PRISM recently conducted a webinar on the new updates to the annual reporting requirements.  

The training presentation is available here. It includes key tips about who should complete the annual reporting and how to complete the reporting.

OSIP has incorporated questions posed by our members and TPA partners during the training webinar into their FAQs. These are now posted on the website and the specific forms and documents are linked below for your reference:

If you have any questions or need guidance, we encourage you to reach out to your designated OSIP Analyst. The Analysts are assigned by the last number of your self-insurance certificate. For example: PRISM’s master certificate number is 5021. As our certificate ends in “1”, our main contact is Carol Winders. The following is a guide for which OSIP Analyst is assigned to what certificate numbers:

OSIP can also be reached by phone at (916) 464-7000.

For PWC Members: Please be sure to complete the survey sent by PRISM’s Underwriting Department that included additional information that was not previously collected on the renewal application. This additional information is required for us to complete the annual reporting to OSIP.