Most California schools will not reopen for the remainder of the school year, increasing property-related risks including theft and vandalism. Use the following tips to prevent these losses at your sites:

  • In addition to securing all buildings and entrances, affix caution-tape around your playground equipment and display a sign stating the playground is closed until further notice
  • Contact neighbors and neighborhood watch organizations including online forums such as Nextdoor to ask for their help to report trespassers
  • Store computers, cameras, and other electronics in a secure location not easily accessible or visible through windows
  • Ensure security alarms, fire alarms, and exterior lighting are operational
  • Remove debris and hazardous materials from the premises to reduce the risk of fire
  • Suspend mail and delivery services as appropriate
  • Shut off electrical equipment and utilities not necessary for operation or security
  • All cash and checks should be accounted for and stored in a secured location or safe
  • Conduct frequent site walk-throughs varying the days and times of the inspection

Additional best practices for fire, water damage, and weather-related loss are available on our website or by contacting the EIA Risk Control Department.