Recruiting and onboarding qualified individuals is an ongoing process for many PRISM members. To assist in that process, PRISM Risk Control has put together a compilation of resources that focus on Recruiting and Onboarding. Please feel free to reach out to PRISM Risk Control with any questions that you may have.

PRISM Resources

Risk Simplified Series on Managing the Recruiting and Onboarding Process: This series of informative documents were developed by PRISM’s Risk Control Department and are designed to help public agencies navigate the various challenges that may arise during recruiting and onboarding. Identifying an ideal candidate for a position can be challenging, however these documents provide some best practices and considerations to help make the process as smooth as possible.  Please use the links below to access these resources:

Job Postings
Applicant Screening

Risk Simplified on Guide to Physical Abilities Testing: This informative document was developed by PRISM’s Risk Control Department and is designed to provide members with information on how to best navigate the employment practices concerns when using physical abilities testing to help to screen applicants.

PRISM Job Safety Analyses: Job Safety Analyses (JSA) are used to determine the hazards present during a specific job or task and can help decide what job requirements are needed for different positions. (Using PPE, requiring lifting, standing, etc.) 

PRISM School Liability Handbook - Student Activities and Employment Issues Liability Handbook: This handbook was created in conjunction with Lozano Smith, a law firm that specializes in school liability legal services. The handbook consists of 5 modules to address various liabilities a school district may face. Module 4 was designed to address challenges that school districts may face during the hiring and onboarding process such as background checks and working through the applicant screening process. 

PRISMtv: PRISMtv has on-demand trainings and webinars available for all PRISM members on a wide range of topics. Some examples of webinars directly related to recruiting and onboarding are:

  • “Best Practices for Streamlining Your New Hire Process” – this webinar focuses on how to use the Vector Solutions platform for your onboarding process.
  • “Everything you Need to Know to Prepare for Recruiting and Hiring, Lawful Interviewing and Applicant Selection for both Remote and Physical Worksites”- this webinar focuses on recruiting and posting job positions lawfully.

PRISM Partner Programs

Plexus Global:

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Background Check Services

Eyres Law Group:

Labor Law/Employment Practices Services

Employment Practices Manual

Vector Solutions Courses

Vector Solutions is an amazing resource available to all PRISM members. They have thousands of self-paced online courses on a wide array of topics. Courses can either be self-assigned, or assigned by a group administrator. The platform helps to track course completions and ensure that each employee has finished the courses that were assigned to them. Administrators are also able to add custom courses to the platform, and assign them to employees. This can be a helpful tool to track the completion of Injury and Illness Prevention Program training, for example.

The following courses are aimed towards hiring professionals to help them become well-versed in the hiring process include the following:

    • LS: Hiring Practices
    • LS: Interviewing Skills for Managers
    • Interviewing and Hiring
    • Employment Practices Overview

The PRISM Online Training Catalog for Vector Solutions has a large list of courses available on the Vector Solutions platform broken down into different catalogs, i.e. Business Skills, Human Resources and School Districts.