2017 EIA Board of Directors Public Entity Representatives

Congratulations to the New Public Entity Representatives to the EIA Board of Directors! The following members will serve on the Board of Directors representing the public entities for 2017/18.

  • School Positon—Ashley Fenton, San Diego USD—10-1-17 through 9-30-19
  • At-Large Position—Janice Galleher, City of Chula Vista—10-1-17 through 9-30-19
  • At-Large Position—Deborah Grant, City of Oakland—10-1-17 through 9-30-19
  • At-Large Position (remainder of 2-year term)—Greg Borboa, City of Manhattan Beach—10-1-17 through 9-30-18
  • Alternate Position—Laura Marquez, City of Sunnyvale—10-1-17 through 9-30-18
  • Alternate Position—Mike James, City of Lemon Grove—10-1-17 through 9-30-18
  • Alternate Position—C. Paul Frydendal, SDRMA—10-1-17 through 9-30-18

The following members have continuing terms as public entity representatives on the Board of Directors:

  • City Position—Ann Richey, ACCEL/City of Ontario  
  • Special District Position—Scott Schimke, GSRMA
  • At-Large Position—Kimberly Greer, City of Richmond