New Benefit for PWC Members - Telemedicine

As a member of the EIA PWC Program, members now have access to Telemedicine services via KuraMD. Telemedicine marries everyday life’s technology with state of the art physicians. You can connect with a doctor via your smart phone, tablet or PC on a secure video connection. Whether your agency is in a remote location, don’t have access to specialists, or your employees just want to be more efficient with their time than sitting and waiting in a doctor’s office, Telemedicine may be right for you and your employees.


Key Benefits:

Injury Triage and Medical Consultation provided by workers’ comp physicians and trained healthcare coordinators on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

  • Provides immediate medical attention for initial injury and follow-up visits
  • Reduces employee lost time and improves productivity
  • Reduces transportation costs and risk

  • Kura physician serves as the primary treating physician of record through continuum of care

  • Expedites resolution of claims & reduces costs

Telemedicine can be a game changer during a time of crisis. We have recently seen this for public agencies when the service is made available to their staff if hospitals and clinics are not available due to the wildfires or other critical occurrences. Telemedicine also has a place in everyday life if you just want to be more efficient with your time.


  • If you use Company Nurse for injury reporting and nurse triage services, employees will be given the option of using their customary doctor, or using telemedicine.
  • If you do not use Company Nurse, the employer can direct the employee to their customary doctor, or to use telemedicine.
  • If the claim is already in progress, employees can elect to begin utilization of telemedicine.

For questions or additional information please contact Jen Hamelin, Director of Workers’ Compensation Claims at 916.850.7300


For information on KuraMD, go to: https://www.kura.md/