EIA Member Featured in LA Times Article on Use of Carrum Health

Santa Barbara County’s use of Carrum Health Surgical Benefit to lower County healthcare costs, while benefitting employees, was featured in an LA Times article. The story highlights the savings Santa Barbara County was able to achieve through the program by having an employee travel to a specific center of excellence for a knee replacement surgery—a savings of $30,000.

“The only difference between our two hospitals is one is expensive and the other is exorbitant,” Andreas Pyper, Santa Barbara County and EIA Committee Member, was quoted as saying in the article.

Even with the travel costs, the county comes out way ahead, the article said.

EIAHealth Program members are able to participate in Carrum Health and other cost containment strategies to assist in the reduction of healthcare costs.

“What started with Santa Barbara County and at the initiative of the EIAHealth Committee, Carrum Health is now being implemented for the entire EIAHealth Program,” said Sidney DiDomenico, Employee Benefits Manager of the EIA. “An amazing testament to being member-driven!”

For more information on the EIAHealth Program and the services available, contact Sidney DiDomenico.