Insurance Requirements in Contracts Manual 2021 Version Released

Alliant's Public Entity Group maintains the Insurance Requirements in Contracts (IRIC) Manual as a service to the public sector and PRISM members. The manual is reviewed annually for any updates or changes to suggested insurance requirements. The newly released Version 2021.1 includes the following modifications:

  • New section Emerging Risks
  • Three updated  FAQ's to address:
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Waivers of Subrogation
    • Indemnity language
  • Revised Chapter two to include:
    • How to Evaluate a SIR
    • Fire Legal Liability
    • Additional Insured Status
  • Completely revised Chapter four on Agreements including Cyber Risks, to include:
    • Essential Privacy and Security Terms
    • Data Protection Provisions
    • Compliance with Privacy Laws
    • Indemnification & Limits of Liability
    • Updated Sample Insurance Requirements for Agreements Involving  Information Technology
  • Revised Chapter nine to include:
    • Guide to Additional Insured (AI) Endorsements for Contracts
  • Updated Lessee's Exhibits
  • New section Workers' Compensation for Sole Proprietors

For questions or additional information, contact Dan Howell or Marcus Beverly.