Officially Rebranded as PRISM

The former CSAC Excess Insurance Authority announces the official rebranding to Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management: PRISM. At their March 6th, 2020 meeting, PRISM’s Board of Directors approved the name change, focusing on a new phase and bright future for this joint powers authority representing over 2,000 public entity members.

“This organization was created to provide a permanent and stable, long-term risk management solution for public entities,” said Michael Fleming, Chief Executive Officer. “As we move into the next phase as PRISM, our vision is to continue leading the future of risk management.”

For 40 years, PRISM has been the leader in risk management solutions. Managing risk for public entities involves risk coverage programs, risk control, risk management, and claims management services. The new PRISM brand and logo, represent the organized complexity of these multifaceted functions.

“The decision to rebrand to PRISM was a joint one with our Board, Committees, and staff,” said Gina Dean, Current Chief Operating Officer, who will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer as of July 1, 2020. “It’s this method of collaboration that makes PRISM an organization that has lasted through hard markets like the current one, and enables us to always look forward for solutions.”

As a member-directed public agency, PRISM creates innovative risk management solutions to proactively control losses and prepare for property, casualty and employee benefit exposures. In 2016, the Board of Directors approved the creation of the Excess Insurance Organization (the EIO) PRISM’s captive insurance company, and in 2019, approved utilization of the captive to expand outside of California. Offering public entities outside of California a new market in a hard market environment, and the creation of the EIO are only two examples of the innovative spirit PRISM embodies.

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